Vintage Pix is a resource where you’ll find free public domain material to use for art, craft and media projects. I’m not here to make money and I don’t sell on Etsy or any other marketplace, on or offline. I’m simply a fan that wants to breathe life into tattered and torn vintage material, giving people the chance to make something new out of something old.

All my gallery pages are filled with re-touched and embellished images, my blog however, is where you’ll find original scans from my own personal vintage collection. I will always add an enhanced version of this material, giving you the option to choose between an authentic or ‘clean’ copy.

You may use images on my website for personal or commercial purposes but please be fair and don’t take liberties. You don’t need my permission to use any image but a simple link back to Vintage Pix will make my day; alternatively, a message on my blog to tell me what picture you used and how you used it would be wonderful.

Contact me if you would like to send pictures of your new creations I would be happy to showcase your designs and write a few lines to share with my readers.

If you would like to help me with the upkeep of my website or buy me a hot strong cup of black coffee as I squint to remove a blemish from a picture that one would really only see under a microscope, then please donate!!

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